When it comes to content marketing and digital transformation, there are many things that come to mind but bitcoin and blockchain may not be the first ones you think of. Though it may seem like digital transformation can only be done through a sound content marketing strategy, there are also other ways to propel a brand especially those associated with marketing technology in Hong Kong. In order to create radical digital transformation in how one uses content marketing means a greater understanding of marketing technology in Hong Kong and ICO Marketing. Knowing about ICO marketing begins with understanding how content marketing and blockchain all seamlessly tie together.

The Definition of a Blockchain

Before we move forward with an understanding of many terms in content marketing and marketing technology in Hong Kong, it is first important to define our terms. Blockchain is defined as a ledger of ownership and creation of digital assets. A theory that sprouted in 1991 but only became popular in 2009.

In relation to Bitcoin, blockchain provides a transparent and unalterable way of keeping track of who owns a given bitcoin. The name itself proves what they are defined to do. When a transaction or asset creation is first created, it forms what is called a ‘block’. The block is then added to the ‘chain’ and recorded in a ledger that is distributed across many different locations. The block will forever live in the chain and is unalterable and cannot be deleted. There is also no middleman to alter it and this is why it is perceived to be more trustworthy in keeping transactions.

How It Relates to Content Marketing

Though it may seem like they are on completely different paradigms, the correlation of the blockchain and content marketing is increasing in a way that provides digital transformation for brands everywhere. Consumers these days are more aware of marketing ‘ploys’ and inauthenticity in marketing because they are equipped with more information to be more discerning. Because of this, there is a need to increase trust in marketing. A dozen or so marketing technology solutions have also been created to add value to advertising networks and in how they send their ads to consumers.

Another area of influencer for blockchain technology is to influencer marketing in the social/relationship and content/ experience areas. For one thing, more and more people are crying out for regulation on fake news, fake online reviews, lack of trust in the government, businesses, and brands. For those in content marketing, the decreasing trust is a considerable problem. This is where the blockchain industry can help through technology that validates ad spending and online social and review platform trust.

Blockchain and Ad Technology

Ad technology greatly affects content marketers because it is their content that is shown through these ad technologies. Advertising spending is also a gateway for fraud with at least 9% of marketing budgets are lost to fraudulent activities. Believe it or not, impressions and clicks can still be faked. A blockchain ledger is able to ensure that impressions and clicks are from legitimate consumers. This is also a great way to be confident that your right market see your digital ads.

Influencer Marketing

Your content marketing most likely includes influencer marketing. Blockchain allows you to thoroughly study what your influencers are really worth. They go beyond the metrics that can be skewed by influencers. This lets a company know if the influencer is truly worth what they are being paid for.

ICO Marketing and The Blockchain Wave

Another factor that content marketing must consider in the process of digital transformation is ICO Marketing. This is also known as Intitial Coin Offerings Marketing. ICO Marketing is slowly rising along with the rise of cryptocurrency. What’s the reason behind? As more and more companies are establishing themselves in cryptocurrency, the greater the need for ICO Marketing. This applies especially for startups.

A company as such is Telegram which has raised over $5 Billion Dollars using ICO Marketing. This is an example of a great way to use blockchain in another way that still ties in with content marketing.

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