If you have been studying marketing for a time now, you may know about the term inadequacy marketing. For the longest time, marketers use a lot of resources on making the general public believe that they are not good enough. You remember it clearly. “Use this product to catch the attention of the love of your life or wear this dress to become more confident.”

For years, we were inundated with the opposite of empowerment marketing. However, with the rise of digital strategy in Hong Kong, this type of marketing is slowly being shunned by the public. And not just in Hong Kong, but everywhere else in the world.

Audiences today can easily cry social injustice over most of the themes used in inadequacy marketing. Why? Because of the many information that one can find on the Internet. Social rising has created a need for empowerment marketing. With the rise of social media, the need for responsible empowerment marketing is very much in need.

The shift in consumer’s perspective

A digital agency in Hong Kong, one of the world’s largest social markets, notes the change in how brands associate with their audience.  “The digital strategy in Hong Kong, in particular, has changed due to the shift in the consumer’s perspective. We are no longer hungry, selfish machines. We care about our differences and we celebrate and empower these differences.

Hong Kong, a melting pot of many nationalities, is the first to benefit from this time of empowerment marketing. As noted by this digital agency in Hong Kong, “The digital strategy in Hong Kong has changed and now, we’re hungrier for stories to tell.”

Celebration and empowerment marketing

Even Facebook notes ,the shift in storytelling across digital platforms. Emotions have long played a part in marketing through the years but this time, we wish to evoke positive emotions. Celebration and empowerment marketing chooses to focus on celebrating positive things rather than making you feel inadequate. Consumers no longer respond to threats made by brands in the marketing of yesteryears.

Instead, they respond well to celebrations such as the Facebook made, Friendship Day. Even the little moments of the day, such as grabbing a coffee, has turned into something celebratory. “People wish to see positive things on social media so anything empowering is an easy share and instantly goes viral.”

In 2016, the Single’s Day sales reached at least $17.8 Billion in sales- a bigger number than what was spent during Black Friday in the United States. Eccentricity is now one of a marketer’s biggest weapons in their arsenal. This is why more and more marketers empower the outsiders and empower women.

Today, there is no such a thing as ‘fake’ marketing. With the rise of social media, it is easy to hide behind a filter and makeup. However, big social media giants such as Aerie and Glossier focus on unleashing “the real you” giving you empowerment to be who you are.

Just like the old times

Empowerment marketing, which was sparked in the mid-2000s with big brands like Nike and Dove, has always focused on the audience and unattainable models like of olden times. They are easily relatable and allows your audience to feel beautiful and be courageous. They push their audience to make a difference even if they are not backed by big names. In the age of digital influencers, the power lies in the ordinary human being who can make a difference in their daily lives.

We have entered a new era of marketing and it is empowerment.

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