The art of search engine optimisation is taking over digital marketing. Just like any marketing efforts, search engine optimisation can be studied and with the right strategies, it can make any brand a success. In order to be successful, it’s important to consider the following  search engine optimisation strategies:

Relevant content.

What you say matters especially on the internet. It’s equally important to know the pulse of your audience, listen to what they have to say, and create content that resonates with them. The audience are not robots, instead, they have feelings and what resonates with them, connects with them.

Get quality links.

Visit high ranking sites to get noticed. Understand what the competition is doing and network in social media as well. Also, find where you are mentioned the most and take advantage by asking them to link back to you.

Set a canonical URL.

Have a one go to URL so that all travel back to this link. Ask all your interaction to link back to this and soon enough all traffic will be driven to this.

Microdata and Schema

You must invest in HTML tags that tell search engines what the page is all about. This will lead to richer search results and better search rankings.

Responsive design.

Make it fun to visit your web page. So make sure that there is a single HTML code for the page that serves both desktop and mobile. This will make it easier for users to interact with, share, and link to your content.


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