March is known as the month to celebrate women all over the world. Women are now more empowered than ever to take a stand in society and make a difference. In Asia, women have always been empowered especially in digital technology. Women are slowly changing the tech landscape in Asia and women in the digital world are not a surprise. For years, men have dominated the world of information digital technology. Today women, especially women in Asia are taking the digital world by a storm. In celebration of Women’s Month, here are some of the empowering women changing the tech landscape in Asia.

Huang Shao Ning

As JobsCentral’s co-founder, Huang Shao Ning shines among the women in the digital world. Her participation in one of the biggest acquisition ever completed in Singapore’s tech startup history made the mark. Ning, who has was a rookie entrepreneur when she began JobsCentral has successfully started JobsCentral while mentoring young entrepreneurs through Action Community for Entrepreneurship. A digital agency in Hong Kong believes that Ning’s talent shines through her ability to make the most out of every situation and turn it into a winning moment in the start-up journey.

Jessica Tan Soon Neo

Microsoft is a company that needs no introduction, having been in digital technology for as long as millennials can remember. However, in recent years, Microsoft has been giving more room for women in the digital word to assert themselves into higher positions. Such is the position of Jessica Tan Soon Neo, Microsoft Singapore’s Managing Director. Jessica’s magic enabled her to drive Microsoft’s business with large customers in the region while partnering with key industry solution vendors. An expert digital agency in Hong Kong says, “Jessica is in charge of growth strategies for Microsoft in Singapore and continues to thrive in this position while also becoming a member of parliament for the East Coast Group Representative Constituency or GRC.”

Charlene Koh

Women in the digital world used to be defined as ‘uptight’ and ‘boring’. Charlene Koh breaks this stereotype of women in the digital world. As part of the growing number of women who are changing the digital landscape in Asia, Koh is known to have founded, Paktor. Paktor is the Asian equivalent of Tinder. A former blogger, Kohn used her connections within the clubbing industry to manage viable partnerships that led to Paktor’s success. Koh proves that women changing the digital landscape in Asia can be both smart, stylish, and trendy. Her app boasts of 25,000 active users with 40% of them using it on a daily basis.

Gwendolyn Regina Tan

As the former content and community manager of TechinAsia, Tan’s standing alone has made her one of the rising women in digital technology. As a founder of SGEntrepreneurs which was eventually acquired by TechinAsia, Tan helped build SGE’s reputation of stellar content across Southeast Asia. Tan used her position in the industry to help startups and connect entrepreneurs. One digital agency in Hong Kong noted that her voice is equally important in propelling the confidence of women who are changing the tech landscape in Asia.

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