It is not a secret that digital marketing is at an all-time high, not just in Hong Kong but all over the world.

Today, we are connected to our gadgets and we spend more time on the world wide web, also known as the Internet, as opposed to the “real world.” Finding your audience online and engaging with them may seem easy but it takes a lot of dedication and patience to do win in your digital marketing strategy game. You do not need a complex guide, in fact, you just need the ultimate 8 step guide presented here in crafting the ultimate digital marketing strategy.

The Truth Behind Digital Marketing

Before we dive deeper into the ultimate 8 step guide we promised, we must first define digital marketing strategy. In the purest of terms, digital marketing is defined as a “strategy to market your brand through digital technology.” It defines how you speak to your audience through digital devices. For most brands, digital is the only way they speak to their audience but for others, there are other marketing touch points to consider.

Digital marketing is a popular way for brands to get to know their audience mostly because the online audience is easily reachable and targeted. In Hong Kong alone, Facebook has 5 million subscribers, where else can you find an audience that large in one go? A great digital marketing strategy will get you far when it comes to reaching out to your intended audience and the great success of your brand. This ultimate 8 step guide is meant to be the foundation of your successful digital marketing campaign.

Tip One: Be purposeful with your brand.

When it comes to winning the digital marketing strategy game, it is important for you to develop the “why” behind your brand. To develop an effective digital marketing strategy, it is important to know why your brand exists in the first place. Any business’ longevity has a lot to do with the purpose of each brand.

Developing the why creates a brand story that will lead to the voice of your brand. Your brand story or your brand’s why will be reflected in your content and communications. Once you have a cohesive “why”, it is easier to develop an overall digital marketing strategy that will speak directly to your audience.

Tip Two: Get to Know Your Audience.

Know who your audience is. It is important to really craft stories behind each of their personalities. Research and be as detailed as possible. Get creative with your researching skills and get to know their location, psychographics, and who they are as people.

Having a digital marketing strategy will give you a better understanding of who they are and what they will be attracted to. It’s not enough that you are specific about their location.

Tip Three: Create a user map.

How does your audience interact with your brand? What are your touch points and pain points? It is important to create a map that tracks their interaction with the brand. In order to create an effective map, it is best to ask yourself where does the user first meet your brand? What are the touchpoints that help speed up purchases?

These are the questions you have to ask yourself for creating the ultimate user experience. The more detailed the journey map, the more actionable insights you can use for the ultimate digital marketing strategy.

Tip Four: Set goals.

Once you have locked down on your brand purpose, it is important to create a goal. Your brand purpose may be something like, “to bring joy to people in Hong Kong every day” but your goal is this, “To bring joy to the people in Hong Kong by bringing them innovative products that help with their day to day challenges.”

Set three goals for your brand and company and use this as a guide in crafting your strategies and whatnot.

Tip Five: Identify your channels and tools.

It is similar to cooking a dish – everything must work together in order to ensure success. First, it is important to select the channels you will be using based on your target audience and goals. If your audience is on Facebook, it is important to maximize this channel and take advantage of all the tools available for you to win on this channel.

Knowing what channels you are using also means you are able to maximize the tools you are focusing on.

Tip Six: Mix up your media.

When it comes to digital marketing, there are three ways to gain exposure: owned, earned, and paid. Owned media refers to digital assets that you own including your website, social media profiles, or imagery – these are assets you duly control.

Earned media is exposure you gain from word of mouth,  through another site, friendships, and other means of recommendations. Paid media includes paid social media posts, Google Adwords, and native advertising. Planning your media ahead of time helps you achieve your goals. It will also be wise to mix up your media so you do not spend all your resources in one place.

Tip Seven: Develop a content strategy.

Your content strategy must be consistent with all of your channels. It is important for your content to be findable, readable, understandable, actionable, and shareable. Content must be engaging enough to share and consistent with your brand’s messaging.

Tip Eight: Integrate, measure, analyze, and improve

The ultimate digital marketing strategy will work if you are able to get in the process. Make sure you have enough plans for the rest of the year while at the same time having your own check and balances. Ensuring checks and balances will help you in the long run.

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