In the summer of 2017, AdWeek released an article that included boggling results. For one thing, it was reported that in 2016, influencer marketing on Instagram alone already added up to a whopping $570 million. What is more surprising is the fact that 48% of brands have boosted their influencer marketing budget in 2017. Influencer marketing appeals to brands as a huge part of their social media marketing efforts simply because the audience responds more to micro-influencers as opposed to the ads we grew up watching.

Micro-influencers also hold a strong position in the local social media marketing scene. In fact, the recent #legend100 awards lauded Hong Kong’s top micro-influencers and recognized their strong influence in the market. With more and more digital personalities taking over the social media marketing strategies both in Hong Kong and all over the world.

Influencers are defined as, “A user of social media who has established credibility in a specific industry, usually with a large following consisting of thousands and millions of users.”  Influencers can be found on social media sites particularly YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Due to their clout, brands have often tapped them for social media marketing and influencer marketing needs.

At the beginning of the digital era, one could not distinguish if the influencer was actually promoting a product they loved or if a brand paid for their sponsorship. However, influencers are now required to share with their followers if a post was sponsored or not as more and more people caught on. Brands wanted to partner with individuals who were really passionate about their products, therefore, giving birth to the ‘micro-influencers’.

Micro-influencers is defined the same way as regular influencer but they have a smaller and more concentrated audience. As an example, an influencer can be one of the Kardashians – simply famous for being famous, but a micro-influencer can be a make- up artist who is known for her advice on skin care and beauty products. Audiences will give more weight to micro-influencers due to their expertise on a topic. This is the reason why brands are focusing on ‘micro-influencers’ as opposed to big named influencers on social media.

Here are a few other reasons why you should focus on micro-influencers when it comes to influencer marketing strategies.

Micro-influencers have a smaller audience but focused audience.

The small yet responsive audience is what makes micro-influencers known. Your micro-influencers’ group of audience will most likely respond to your product. Just like in the golden days of marketing – you want to target your target audience and micro-influencers can help you with that.

Engaged followers.

Micro-influencers do not just have followers, they have engaged followers. These followers comment on posts and actually engage because they are followed due to their expertise or their niche. Considered as experts, these micro-influencers are most likely to have followers who actually know what they are talking about.

Experts in their field.

Micro-influencers project a certain kind of trustworthiness due to their knowledge in the field they are in. Their expertise creates cohesion for the brand and is more attractive to your audience. They can even collaborate with you on how to best tell the story of your brand.

Now that you know about the power of micro-influencers, it’s now time to look for them. Engage with them, and offer them projects that will be beneficial for your company and your brand. You will definitely be a hit in the digital world and beyond with micro-influencers.

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