Did you know that it is predicted that by 2020, 85% of customer interactions will not be done by humans.

Today, 45% of fastest growing companies chose to employ the services of virtual assistants. It is estimated that by 2020, artificial intelligence will completely replace human beings. However, can chatbots replace the critical placing of humans in the sales funnel?

Since the digital age began, humans have closed the deals jumpstarted by social media marketing strategies leading to sales. Artificial intelligence in Asia is on a high point. While Hong Kong seems to be lagging behind, it is predicted that 2018 is the year AI gradually changes the job market in Hong Kong.

Neighboring countries like Singapore are already using chatbots in their sales funnels. Though not entirely accepted, Hong Kong sees how artificial intelligence is changing the economy. Hong Kong is changing the landscape of their educational system in order to foster in the change.

With that being said, we can tell that the trend is skewing towards chatbots taking over the sales funnel. Sales funnel is defined as the consumer’s journey from landing on a website into buying the product. A sales funnel is only successful if it leads the client to (1) purchase a product, (2) subscribe to a newsletter, (3) or downloading an app.

In today’s social media marketing landscape, conversion is getting even more difficult. Since artificial intelligence is at an all-time high– chatbots are what you need to convert from a lead to a closed sale in no time.

Take care of leads, leads, leads.

We get it, lead generation can be quite the process. However, in order for your business to grow, you need to invest in lead conversion as much as you can. 80% of closed sales come from at least five follow-ups after the initial contact. According to this study, the reason most campaigns fail is because 50% of leads do not receive a follow-up. Chatbots were created with virtual assistance in mind. With a chatbot in place, you can easily generate data that tells a lot about your leads’ consumer behavior, email behavior, and product preferences.

It can also propel your other social media marketing strategies with the consumer-behavior data that can be generated because you will be giving your leads what they are looking for.

Provide customer service 24/7.

It helps sales funnels because are available to help customer inquiries 24/7.  It can build an instant relationship with clients and immediately attend to their needs. Companies who have successfully used this include Macy’s in the United States, and the world-wide popular coffee chain, Starbucks and are consistently improving their AI system.

Successful campaigns such as “Starbucks Reorder Tool” in partnership with Amazon’s Alexa is driven mainly by a chatbot. Each customer is given attention to because the chatbot is equipped to handle this and this is what they are made for.

Improve the user experience.

Chatbots have characteristic to make them excel over human salespeople. It usually has access to information on what interests the clients and from there, they are able to create sensible campaigns that can resonate with their clients. Talk about unique ability- chatbots can speak to your clients in a way that allows them to connect with your consumers in ways that they never before can.

A chatbot’s interaction is fast and quick and therefore producing the kind of conversion brands are looking for. Chatbots also have the tendency to provide social media marketing tools the right information to attract their audience.

With these in mind, we can now see that the use of chatbots is really the voice of the future.

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