In 2016, it was reported that by 2025, $200 Billion will be earned by South East Asia’s internet economy. South East Asia has been leading the advancement in the usage of the internet since the mid-2000s. Asians are particularly invested in everything on the Internet.

They are easily falling in love with the use of e-commerce, which is growing at the rate of 32% rise every year, and online travel market. They are also particularly in tune with online media such as games and advertising, with the growth of 18% per year, allowing marketing tools such as search engine optimization or SEO and search engine marketing or SEM to have better opportunities to sell to their market.

The region is also known to be a big supporter of taxi-on-demand service as well as car sharing apps.

These numbers have encouraged tech giants, notably Google, to take notice and do what they can to improve their functionality in South East Asia, particularly Hong Kong.

Digital Marketing Landscape in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has long been known for their advanced use of technology. With their government finding ways to make artificial intelligence a viable option in spearheading the country, it is not a surprise for businesses based in Hong Kong to invest in digital marketing. The rise of the internet has given businesses in Hong Kong to invest small but with big returns. This is why they are heavily procuring the use of Google and its services to improve SEM AND SEO.

Digital marketing in Hong Kong has boosted the use of SEO HK meaning that more companies are investing in building brand loyalty through the many tools available online. Today, Hong Kong has proven that offline marketing is just a follow up with digital marketing taking the center stage. Online marketing also provides a great way to gather data about their target market.

The digital landscape and Hong Kong’s response to the internet are overwhelming and that is the reason why companies have invested heavily in their SEO and SEM services.

SEO in Hong Kong has definitely been on the rise and giants like Google is taking notice.

Google’s Bold Move in Hong Kong

To meet the demands of their growing South East Asian Market, Google began rolling out services. Since 2015, Google has been making investments to establish data centers across the South East Asia region including Hong Kong, this is especially important for Hong Kong and their need for data to serve their SEO and SEM requirements. $700 has been invested in setting up centers in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and even the Philippines. The rollout, which began two years ago, also gave people with no mobile data to access Gmail and other online apps through the “Free Zone” agreement. This has given an opportunity for countries to gain more mobile users.

Aside from that, Google has also invested in Google Voice Search, even translating it to other languages such as Thai, and even activated Google Maps focusing on local information.

With these advancements, the digital landscape of Hong Kong is really growing at such a big number that brands are taking notice. The data gathered by increased functionality provided by Google will improve the digital marketing landscape of Hong Kong.

Not only will it provide more internet users, therefore an increased target market for brands, but the data provided by Google will also help the brand achieve better input of data for more effective SEO and SEM strategies. Google in Hong Kong is definitely just the start of great things to come.

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