It was in 2001 when the movie Artificial Intelligence became a hit at the box office. Eighteen years ago, the idea of artificial intelligence seemed like a foreign concept but today it is as common as anything and it is bound to change the world. Artificial Intelligence is said to take over humans in a few short years and even Tesla Super genius Elon Musk have commented on how we should rethink how Artificial Intelligence is taking over the world.

There have been many debates on how significant the impact of Artificial Intelligence will be with a few AI enthusiasts weighing in.

AI will boost digital business.

Today, most if not all businesses have a website and mobile applications. It is predicted that in just a few short years, AI systems will be more accepted in business practices, especially in digital business. Artificial intelligence will be viewed as an “asset” and a quick way to resolve problems that will give businesses a distinctive advantage. Businesses will also be included to take advantage of the advances in AI due to its ability to lower overall cost of business operation.

Gartner believes that this is a major advantage for AI because the cost will be lowered by at least 30%. With the increased research being conducted on AI, soon it will be considered a company essential as opposed to it being an option.

AI is not a threat to the human workforce.

The greatest fear in the rise of AI is the belief that it will replace the human workforce. This is actually false because it is still possible for the human workforce to work hand in hand with AI. A collaboration will improve not just the productivity but also the accuracy of the human workforce, increasing their chances of empowerment.

AI in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has long been known as a highly advanced Asian country. Because of this debate regarding the presence of Artificial Intelligence in Hong Kong has long been debated. In fact, 80% of respondents of a recently concluded survey says that artificial intelligence should be discussed in schools.

Artificial intelligence enthusiasts in Hong Kong believes that teaching artificial intelligence early will change the misconceptions people generally have about it. It is believed that including Artificial Intelligence in school will not only prepare the next generation for the future of the labor force but also improve schools and their curriculum.

Today, Hong Kong is said to be one of the greatest proponents of Artificial Intelligence and it is reflected in everything from scheduling of work of nurses to metro servicing and even visa applications. A recent study reflects how serious the Hong Kong government is in the implementation of artificial intelligence.

Hong Kong government is in the process of creating a smart city strategy to tackle three challenges in their government: climate change, ageing population, and city management.

Future of AI in Hong Kong

It is true that everything in Hong Kong has a touch of artificial intelligence from complaint responses to climate change. Hong Kong also aims to strengthen payments and digital identity platforms and will be a major part of their smart city vision. The vision is to create an “e-ID” for everyone in Hong Kong to be used as a trusted authentication for public and private online services.

The lofty goal of Hong Kong is already starting with the government beginning to look for solid members of their core team. The core team consists of digital experts from reputable digital businesses in Hong Kong. Yeung believes that the expertise of those they have chosen will be a great core of the project.

With all of these changes, one thing is for sure: the future of artificial intelligence is bright in Hong Kong.

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