Customers love free stuff. It’s just a simple fact of life. In fact, Journal of Marketing found out that people who got free stuff or package deals has helped boost “word of mouth” sales by 20% more. Brands will be able to boost their social marketing efforts if they take advantage of online influencers, vloggers, and bloggers.

They are usually the forefront of freebies but don’t forget about your core audience during major package deal giveaways. Time Magazine also recently shared why consumers love freebies and why even done through new mediums, it is still advantageous.

Great giveaways give your brand the benefit of consumers to buy more. This is called the reciprocity principle. Randy Garner stated that once given something consumers are most likely to return the favor. Consumers tend to favor freebies as opposed to discounts because anything tangible gives them a sense of superiority. All of these feelings create a sense of brand loyalty: ultimately the goal of any company.

Just like anything else, it is important to have a good freebie strategy to win over your audience. It’s more than just offers and package deals but also an overall understanding of what your audience wants and delivering.

Set Goals.

What is the ultimate goal of your offer? Is it to gain loyalty or to gain new clients? Is it to promote a new line of products? Craft a solid campaign with an end in mind. Discuss your goals thoroughly with your teammates to best utilize and boost marketing efforts. 99.9 % of companies with goals succeed and for the right reasons.

Choose a freebie.

Your success is only as good as your offer. Choose a package deal that is relevant to what your brand story is. Let’s say you’re a company that sells slimming products, would you offer your clients chocolate freebies? Your goal will help you determine what best to give your audience. Also, take into account seasons and special events. This will help you gain loyalty among your audience, especially if you stick to the relevance of your brand story.

Make it exciting.

There are times for simple freebies (like a free template or e-book) but there are moments that call for one-of-a-kind deals. If the entry process to win the freebie takes effort then it will engage your audience more. Make it worth their while and go all out if you are asking your audience to exert more effort than just clicking. Get them moving through incentives that will excite them.

Make it a deal.

Once in a while try something different by offering package deals instead of one-off freebies. Today’s travel agencies win when they offer their online audiences free package deals. They ask them to share their favorite adventures and the brand wins through engagement.

Set a freebie calendar.

Your big freebies should be used during appropriate seasons. There are months when you offer simple freebies but there are seasons where you go all out. Countdown to the year’s biggest seasons and reserve package deals for that season, your audience will definitely be loyal if they know there’s a huge incentive geared towards a specific period.

With the right mix, freebies will definitely boost online marketing efforts. Just remember that a good campaign can lead up to 34% of boosted sales. A little effort goes a long way and gives you a group of happy clients. It is also a great way to thank them and to offer them gratitude for all the years they have followed your brand both online and offline.

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