We live in a visual world. On any given day, social media sites stream a hundred of videos. 55% of individuals watch a video and they retain 95% of what they watch. 52% of marketers believe that effectiveness of video marketing. The response to video marketing is not surprising considering that people have been watching television for years.

People Respond to Videos More Than Text.

In 2015 alone, more than 7 billion videos are watched each and every day both on Facebook and YouTube. Consumers respond more to moving visuals as opposed to text. Surveys have concluded that people are just more engaged with videos. Email content using video gets clicked on 19% more. Consumers understand a brand’s service and product when explained using video.

Higher Conversion Rate.

Video marketing has the opportunity to increase sales conversion by 80%. Video can directly lead to sales. Explainer videos lead to about 74% of sales. Using video helps your client base process information clearer. The success of video marketing is the reason why it is often integrated into the content marketing of brands.

Companies in Hongkong, for example, use video marketing intensely in Hongkong SEO. The reason why Hongkong SEO is active in video marketing is because of the response received by it. Over 50% of Hongkong nationals spend time watching ads using video. Such studies prove that using video in Hongkong SEO is proven effective to their target audience.

Video Marketing Helps Consumers Trust in Your Brand

 As with any brand, whether online or offline, trust is an important foundation. Trust leads to conversions and sales. Content marketing’s goal is to develop trust among consumers that build long-term relationships. The audience trusts you if you don’t just sell to them but also provide useful information. Your audience can see through deceitful schemes. Video marketing has the ability to engage and ignite your audience. You are able to display your brand using video in ways text cannot.

Also even in the digital age, consumers still trust moving pictures as opposed to still ones. This is just the way the brain has been conditioned. Effective marketing videos present a brand’s product in conversational form. This way brands can reach out and give your audience a better understanding of your product or service. This makes your brand appear to be friendlier and 57% of consumers agree that videos give them more confidence to purchase online.

Google Prioritizes You.

 Using videos on your website increases the time spent by visitors on your site. This longer exposure signals to search engines of your site’s good content. Using video gives you 53 times more the opportunity to appear on first on Google. This is because YouTube is now owned by Google.

 Mobile Users Prefer Video.

 One of the reasons why video marketing has been increasing is also because of the increase in mobile. Reports from YouTube say that mobile video consumption rises an average of 100% every year.  Smartphone users are growing at a rapid pace where we find our audience more on their mobiles than their home computers.  Video marketing is crucial because of how easy it is to access and process information from a mobile phone.

Video Marketing Engages All Types of Consumers, Even The Laziest Ones

 Using video is a great way to capture your audience’s attention. Even the laziest social media scroller is able to sit through an engaging video. 68% of consumers would prefer watching a video as opposed to reading text relating to a product they are interested in. This is the reason why YouTube video tutorials are immensely popular.

Video explainers are also incredibly easy to share and easy to relate to. This gains more traffic for your brand.

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