In 2018, Google’s algorithm is once again changing. Search Engine Optimization or SEO, is more than just a few keywords strung together. SEO takes a great mix of science and with the basic SEO tips, you can create a great digital transformation for your brand. Rules of the game are ever changing for the SEO game and that is why whether you are doing SEO from other parts of the world or if you are digital marketer creating SEO in Hong Kong, you have to know these basic SEO tips.

Staying ahead of the game amidst the constantly evolving landscape is a trick marketers must always know. Here are eight basic SEO tips that can help your search engine game and make you win in 2018.

SERP features take center stage.

SERP features take center stage for SEO trends in 2018 as it is quickly stealing the attention of searchers everywhere. A SERP feature is any result on a Google Search Engine Results Page (therefore called SERP) that is not a traditional, organic result. Gone are the days when the focus was gaining an organic position on Google. Today, the evolution of SERPS has changed the way Google displays its results.

Take advantage of this trend by a) tracking your rankings within these features and b) monitor the features that show up for your keywords. Use sites such as Rank Taker in order to analyze your keywords and how it is fairing in the wonderful world of the Internet. Knowing how your keywords are performing can help you make quick changes, adapt easily, and use it to your advantage.

Content, content, and content.

When it comes to basic SEO tips, you will hear a great deal about content. Content marketing continues to be the meat of a brand’s quest towards digital transformation. Companies engaging in SEO in Hong Kong believe in the power of great content. Unfortunately, despite the importance of content, some brands still do not understand how to create a balance that boosts their content in search engines while still providing excellent content for your audience.  60% of B2C companies do not know how to define a successful content marketing campaign. One of the most basic SEO tips that lead to digital transformation is one’s ability to create content that earns engagement and helps fuel search optimization efforts. Once you realize that there is more to content that simply writing a blog, the easier it is to churn worthwhile content.

Get to know your audience in order to give them better content.

Amazing content is all about giving your audience information they otherwise will not know about. In order to provide them with this, it is important to get to know them. Just like any relationship, take the time to see their interests, where they are hanging out online, and what they are clicking on social media sites. Once you have gotten to know them, you can now see what your competitors are doing to gain their attention. Knowing the content gap is where your biggest win will be. Repurposing your content into what your audience is looking for will be your brand’s biggest digital transformation just yet.

Let it be all about the SEO right from the beginning.

An important SEO tip is planning your content from the get-go. Retrofitting your content will not make your content look authentic. Instead, it would make it forced. Make sure Apply readability standards, optimize title tags, subheadings, meta descriptions, images, and text according to current SEO standards. Knowing your SEO words beforehand greatly impacts your SEO and website ranking.

Give your audience what they are looking for.

SEO, though technical at times, is all about giving your audience what they are looking for. In order to do that, you have to ensure that your content is a conversation between two people. Users often pose questions to search engines and the ones with the best answers win. Make your content something that will be useful to them and it will rank high on the search results page.

Learn all you can about voice search.

At least 55% of teenagers that search on Google use the voice search option while 40% of adults do the same. The ratio of voice search is growing at an increasing rate. Voice searches are generally more conversational than search bar searches. Use applications like Rank Tanker to see how to modify your searches to meet the needs of voice search.

Build a comprehensive sitemap.

Yes, there are web crawlers on the web to index content. For your site to climb its way to the top, you have to produce fresh content and build a sitemap. If you have a sitemap, it is likely that it will be crawled at least five times. Sitemaps are just an outline of the pages available to users and crawlers on your website. It is important to define the pages of your content so your website can easily be searched. It is an effective planning tool for designers and marketers to clarify the content that you have to offer.

Make it all about the headlines.

Just like in people, what they first see is what attracts them. Make your headlines catchy and one-of-a-kind and yet still direct to the point. Do not waste the body of your content. Algorithms always zoom in on keywords and topics, not wit and humor. Again, this is finding the perfect balance between writing for humans and perfecting your SEO ranking is worth it.

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