Digital marketing is never quite anything we have experienced before. It is forever moving, never static, and always challenging. Every year brings about new digital marketing trends wherever you are in the world. In 2017, Hong Kong’s digital spend has already exceeded traditional ad spend meaning that more companies in Hong Kong are trusting digital marketing to bring forth the results that they want to see.

Digital marketing trends are showing that technology continues to develop new and innovative ways to engage with the Hong Kong market. These digital marketing trends will continue to soar in 2018, as noted by Hong Kong’s top digital agency. To win in 2018, it is important to know what digital marketing trends to watch out for in the coming year.

Key opinion leaders remain on top but with analytics to support it.

In Hong Kong alone, we can see a growth spurt of local, everyday celebrities taking center stage. Gone are the days when only celebrities can engage in influencing the market on what brands they should support. Instead, key opinion leaders or KOLs are gaining traction because of the effect they carry. Brands in Hong Kong, along with key digital agencies, are seeing just how effective KOLS are. In fact, on average, companies and their digital agency, are spending up to HKD 50,000 for one image to be shared on the network of popular KOLS.  

Questions most frequently asked however is how effective is the use of KOLs for brands and campaigns. One of the major digital marketing trends in Hong Kong will continue to be the use of KOLS but this time with better analytics to prove it. Social media monitoring will be rampant in 2018 and will show which influencers are gaining enough traction or return on investment for the brand and which KOLs are the best fit for the brand. New ways to analyze data will definitely make the process of finding the perfect fit easier as compared to previous years.

Instant automated holistic reporting on trends.

Smart digital agencies are always on the lookout for trends. Missing out on trends could mean missed opportunities for companies. 2018 will bring about new ways to generate holistic reports. Automated reporting systems will now focus on conversations on the internet. Automated trend reports will now show trends ahead of time giving brands a chance to be in leadership positions, adjust their strategies accordingly, and cater to new trends through a solid plan. Automated holistic reports will give brands a chance to prepare better and provide plans that will go a long way.

Mobile continues to reign.

As per the report of the Office of the Communications Authority, Hong Kong’s mobile subscriber penetration rate is 230%. With over 17 million subscribers, it is no secret that mobile continues to reign in Hong Kong. Mobile now represents more than 50% of digital media time is now done with mobile. A continuing trend into the new year, more brands must shift their focus from desktop to mobile meaning their efforts must be mobile friendly. Aside from making sure content is mobile friendly, it is also important to know which platforms users are most engaged in. Knowing mobile trends will definitely help in crafting campaigns and attract an even bigger audience for brands everywhere.

Change of social network popularity.

Facebook continues to be the top social media of choice in Hong Kong with at least 5 million users. Recent reports, however, show that more and more citizens of Hong Kong are moving over to Snap Chat. Brands have to know what to do with this information meaning they must have plans to shift from one site to another strategically.

In order for a brand to thrive in 2018, it is important to be ready and watch out for all the digital marketing trends and soon you will be winning.

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