Digital marketing is growing in ways we can’t even imagine. Digital media is taking over the world and in 2017 alone, it has already overtaken television ad budgets. Marketers are now aware of the ever-changing pace in the digital landscape. Consumers are engaging with brands differently. Today’s consumers scourge the internet for reviews, for recommendations, and brand promotions on a daily basis. Your brand needs to be everywhere at all times to capture and keep their attention across all digital channels.

Mobile still rules the game.

An average digital citizen owns at least 3.23 devices. Digital consumers love their mobile devices. Mobile devices are used to answer 48% of emails and 80% of social media. With a click and a snap, mobile users record everything on their social media accounts. Mobile users have a very special connection with their phone. A study made in 2016 shares with us that at least 61% of users check their phones five minutes after waking up. Mobile is the heart of any digital landscape and this is why it is important to have a hefty budget for this platform to grow.

Investing in mobile means knowing what trends to look forward to, teaching your team to be agile during the rapid transitions, and being on top of the learning curve will help you to become an industry leader. Having a budget for mobile gives you a chance to stay on top of the game instead of constantly catching up with your competitors. Of all digital channels, mobile is your best bet at being known by your audience.

Quality Content Leads to A Greater Audience.

With more content available for your audience, it is not a surprise that they are looking for meatier content. 67% of companies who invested in their website’s content gain at least 3.5x more traffic a month. Digital consumers want information and the more they have, the better it is for your brand.

Content marketing gives your brand a lot of benefits. On-site content gives your audience a chance to stay longer on your page because it allows them to access several posts. Having more content also leads to greater trust because it establishes your brand. More posts also give you better opportunities to be seen on Google’s index and gives you a chance to easily be searched. Being more visible in Google will land you on more search queries. Organic searches are a gold mine for most companies and the best way to achieve this is through content.

When you have good quality content with the right amount of keywords, you will be on top of organic searches in no time.

Digital Marketing Trends in Hong Kong: Influencer Marketing

In South East Asia, Hong Kong is known to be on top of the trends across all digital channels. In 2017, companies in Hong Kong heavily invested in influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing happens when a brand gains the help of a social media influencer, also described as a key opinion leader, to help promote their brand. This often results in a spike in organic searches, traffic across all digital channels, and an overall increase in the trust rate in the brand.

Digital marketing in Hong Kong has learned the right mix across their digital channels. Marketers in Hong Kong have seen the positive effects of influencer marketing. The success of any influencer marketing campaign lies in identifying influencers that work well for the brand. It also involves a lot of research and analytics, all of which needs a sizable budget.

Live Video Streaming

As we have mentioned, content is still king. One of the most popular contents of social media these days is video. People love going through their social media channels to see engaging videos. Videos give your brand a friendly touch and attractive to your audience. Having your own YouTube account and making this another digital channel can actually be good for your brand especially if you partner with a popular influencer that can help you get those engagement numbers you have always wanted.

Smart and Holistic Trend Reports

One of the smartest investments you can make is to invest in a holistic reporting of the trends across all digital channels. Having a budget for this will give you a holistic, whole picture approach as to how your audience is responding to you. Trend reports will also let you know if you are investing well and can help you make changes accordingly.

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